The negotiations between the Government and the BMA/BDA representatives on the new SAS Contracts for doctors and dentists in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have just concluded.

There are a series of ‘Roadshows’ which have been organised to explain the detail of what has been negotiated and what it might mean for you. They are being held between in February and can be accessed by BMA/BDA members or non-members using the following link:

SAS contract negotiations (

Following this, the BMA and BDA will be holding a Referendum for their SAS members to vote on whether to accept or reject the new contract. This will be held from 7th February- 27th February 2021. You do have to be a BMA/BDA member to vote in the referendum.

The BMA/BDA will contact you to allow you to vote in the referendum. Please make sure that your registered details are correct, especially your SAS status, to ensure that you are contacted to vote.