Dear Colleague,

My name is Priya Chohan and I am an Oral Surgery Leadership Fellow, based at Northamptonshire NHS Foundation Trust, and I am also working in conjunction with the Central Midlands Local Dental Network. Below you will find a link to a survey which forms one aspect of a project I am undertaking, focussing on the topic of patient safety incidents in dentistry.

This survey is designed to gain an understanding of your awareness and opinions regarding patient safety incidents. It will be distributed to dentists nationally, and your responses are crucial to current research being undertaken in this field.

The survey responses will be used to contribute to the development of the new Patient Safety Incident Management System (PSIMS), which will enable all healthcare professionals, including dentists, to record patient safety incidents and promote learning from them. It will be used to optimise shared learning and ultimately drive positive change within the profession, by creating a ‘just culture’.

The survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Once you have submitted your responses it will not be possible to withdraw consent, or retrieve the data submitted as it is completely anonymous. Responses cannot be saved before submission however, once submitted you have the option to return and edit your survey. If you wish to close the survey and return and edit it, you will have to copy the ‘edit response’ link at the end of the survey and save it somewhere to access it again.

I would like to stress that under no circumstances will the responses be traced back to the responder.

I would very much appreciate if you can spare the time to complete this survey, as it is an vital opportunity to voice your opinions on this topic.

Complete the Survey here