Rachel Evans
BAOS Council Member

Oral Surgery on the Move

Within my locality there appears to be a growing demand for the provision of oral surgery within private practice undertaken by oral surgeons. The obvious benefits are the treatment of patients within their own practice setting, assisted by familiar faces, which helps to relive patient anxiety. It also generates practice income and avoids delays in patients receiving treatment. What are the benefits for us?

I enjoy providing a peripatetic oral surgery service to my local region. I have a box of essential equipment including my surgical motor and a few favoured luxators, which I transport from place to place. I provide a kit list to the practice to ensure that my basic surgical instruments and consumable items are all available when needed, although you’d be surprised how many times I am handed a clip to suture with! I work on a fixed rolling rota every 2 weeks, so my diary is set and organised many months in advance. I am able to review my diary beforehand, so I avoid any inappropriate referrals and I can divert referrals as necessary.

I find that patients are more confident and relaxed within their own familiar dental environment and are well supported due to the existing report with staff. Treatment plans can be discussed directly with the clinicians and modified accordingly. I enjoy the variety of my job plan and find it very rewarding, although Christmas party time can be more complex when negotiating dates between 7 practices!