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Management of cysts of the jaws takes place at various oral health care settings including primary, secondary, tertiary care although this is rare. A Patient journey commonly involves General Dental Practitioners, Endodontists, Dental and Maxillofacial Radiologists, Oral/OMF Surgeons, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists and Orthodontists to aid the developing teeth.

For this symposium we have gathered 7 specialists nationwide, who will present strategies on current management to include diagnosis, investigations, surgical advances, bone preservation and minimising complications.
•Radiological interpretation to include the role for advanced imaging like CBCT/CT
•Value of a pathologist’s input in surgical decision making
•Surgical management with bone preservation and damage limitation
•Role of decompression and enucleation with Endoscopic guidance
•Role of endodontic management in pre and post-surgery
•Management of Keratocysts, Gorlin Goltz syndrome


• To understand the role of advanced imaging in cysts of the maxillofacial skeleton
• To understand the relevance of pathogenesis in management of cysts
• To understand the rationale behind various treatment options of cysts
• To understand the importance of patient compliance


• To be able to give a differential diagnosis for large lesions of the maxillofacial skeleton
• To appreciate the role of aetiology, pathogenesis and systemic factors in behaviour of cysts
• To be able to prepare the patient for anticipated surgical outcome
• To recognise available radical and conservative management strategies for cysts

Lectures will cover the use of advance imaging in diagnosis, surgical planning in order to preserve the natural anatomy and to improve outcomes. The presentations will also will be aimed to improve the understanding of the pathology amongst the clinicians to choose appropriate treatment option and subsequent follow-up. Endodontic lecture will aid the clinicians to manage devitalised teeth and potentially devitalising teeth after cystectomies.

Poster Submissions

Poster topic: Management of Cysts of the Maxillofacial Skeleton
This is a symposium poster competition so only applicants who can attend the symposium will be considered.

Please read the information below:
• Poster submissions should be themed around the “Cysts of the Maxillofacial Skeleton”
• Abstracts should be no more than 300 words.
• The abstract must consist of five paragraphs labelled: Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusion.
• Modification of abstracts will not be possible later than the above deadline.
• For each submission,at last one author should be registered to attend the symposium.
• All the abstracts submitted online will be reviewed by a clinical committee and notification of acceptance will be sent by email.

Submissions to be sent to Catriona McCallum via email catriona.mccallum@rcpsg.ac.uk

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