Training & Education

 There are now over 40 oral surgery trainees on recognised training programmes in the UK and with the recent MEE OS review there will be a significant increase in funded training for Oral surgery.

The CCST is based on a three-year full-time, or equivalent part-time academic programme to satisfy the requirements for higher training in Oral Surgery as stipulated by the GDC approved Oral Surgery curriculum.

There are 3 types of programmes

NHS STR, 3 year or equivalent training in the NHS Integrated academic trainees may be pre or post PhD. Pre PhD is the Academic Clinical Fellow(ACF), a 3 year programme (75% clinical and 25% academic) plus additional training time. The Post PhD programme is the Academic Clinical fellow ( 4 years 50:50 clinical: academic) with additional time for 3 year equivalence for CCST as required.

Entry requirements include possession of a registered primary dental qualification from a UK university or a qualification of equivalent standard by a university in Europe and possession of a Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery (MFDS or MFD) or an approved equivalent (e.g. FDS).

Entry is competitive and quality assured by Deaneries currently. The future changes in commissioning of PG Training, with loss of the Deaneries, will probably be replaced by a national commissioning body for dental training.

Oral surgery Trainees have their own group and to contact them for information email: ostrainee@gmail.com

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Oral Surgery Career Development for Consultant Appointments 2010

Postgraduate Dental Speciality Training 2011

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Updates for Oral Surgery

Tricollegiate Diploma of Membership in Oral Surgery

Link to ISCP website where a good description of what oral surgery entails as well as the curriculum is available.