The Membership year runs from January-December.There is no discount for joining mid year as you will receive all back dated issues of the journal and be eligble for  discounts on all BAOS events including a £100 discount on the BAOS Conference. The annual membership  fee is due every January no matter when you join.

: You can pay by Direct Debit, Cheque, BACS at no extra charge. Paying online with a Credit / Debit card or by Pay Pal incurs a fee, see below:

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Full Membership £130.00 (+ £5 credit card fee) paid annually

Full members must work within the British Isles and be registered with the GDC. You must be on the GDC Oral Surgery Specialist list. If  you are not on the Oral Sugery specialist list then you must have 4 years or more working experience  in an Oral Surgery setting.

Associate Members £130.00 (+ £5 credit card  fee) paid annually

Associate members have an interest in Oral Surgery but are not on the Oral Surgery Specialist list or do not have  4 years or more working experience  in an Oral Surgery setting or work outside of the British Isles.Once you have been a member of BAOS for four years , you will automatically become a full member.

Retired Membership £67.50 (+ £2.50 credit card fee)  paid annually

Previous BAOS members who have now retired.

Student Membership £67.50 (+ £2.50  credit card fee) paid annually

Student membership is for a Dental Undergraduate student

*All the membership categories will receive a copy of the Oral Surgery Journal. The journal is published quarterly and posted to all the membership. The Journal is also available  to download from the members section of the BAOS website www.baos.org.uk.

*All membership categories can view and use the Oral Surgery Training Videos for free via the members section of the BAOS website www.baos.org.uk

* All the membership categories qualify for the members rate at any organised BAOS event.